Frequently Asked Questions:

 Question: What is Mojecto cooler bag manufactured from?

Answer: Mojecto cooler bag is manufactured from 840D strong durable polyester fabric.

 Question: How do you compare 840D polyester with other types of polyester fabrics?

Answer: D denotes denier, which is a measure of thickness of fibre of polyester. Polyester with higher denier (D) numbers is stronger than polyester with lower denier (D) numbers, therefore 840D polyester is stronger than 640D, 420D, 300D and other smaller denier numbers.

 Question: How should I wash my Mojecto cooler bag?

Answer: DO NOT put your cooler bag in the laundry machine or dishwasher because this will damage the bag. You can wipe the interior Peva lining with a mixture of water and vinegar. Also, do not use bleach or use any other solution and dry the cooler bag completely after cleaning as dampness may cause odor in the bag.

 Question: How should I store my cooler bag?

Answer: Avoid storing your cooler bag in a moist or damp place for prolong period of time as it may cause odor in the bag.

 Question: Can I freeze Mojecto cooler bag?

Answer: Do not put your cooler bag in the freezer because this will crack the insulation and destroy your cooler bag.

 Question: Where do you ship to?

Answer: At this point cooler bag is only available in USA with fast free shipping.

 Question: Is this portable cooler bag

Answer: Yes, our large and Extra large insulated cooler bag is lightweight and portable

 Question: Is this cooler bag large or extra large

Answer: Our cooler bags come in medium, large and extra large sizes

 Question: How does this cooler bag works

Answer: Our soft cooler lunch bags are heavily insulated to control temperature

 Question: Is this small cooler bag

Answer: Our cooler bags come in different sizes

 Question: Is this soft insulated cooler bag

Answer: Yes, Our cooler lunch bags are soft insulated

 Question: Does this cooler bag used for food and drinks

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this large insulated cooler bag tote cheap or low price

Answer: Our cooler bags are made of premium heavy duty polyester fabric

 Question: Can you buy this cooler lunch bag online

Answer: Yes

 Question: Does this cooler bag comes with free shipping

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this cooler bag soft sided

Answer: Yes

 Question: Does this cooler bag has hard liner

Answer: No

 Question: Is this cooler bag 30 liter, 24 liter, 8 liter

Answer: Our cooler bags come in different sizes

 Question: Is this cooler 6 can, 8 can, 16 can, 24 can, 30 can, 60 can cooler

Answer: Our cooler bags come in different sizes

 Question: How to choose the best soft sided cooler

Answer: Our cooler bag is made of heavy duty polyester and think lining

 Question: Is this lunch bag collapsible

Answer: Some of the cooler bags are collapsible

 Question: Does this extra large cooler lunch bag fold

Answer: No

 Question: Is this can cooler bag

Answer: Yes, it can be used as can cooler bag

Question: Is this cooler bag for sale

Answer: Yes, our cooler lunch bags are for sale online

 Question: Is this lunch bag for men

Answer: Cooler bags for men and women

 Question: Is this insulated lunch bag

Answer: Yes, large soft insulated cooler bag

 Question: Is this lunch bag available at Walmart

Answer: No

 Question: Is this lunch bag for adults

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this office lunch bag

Answer: Yes, office lunch bag, sports lunch cooler bag, hiking cooler bag, camping cooler bag, beach cooler bag, work cooler bag, construction cooler bag

 Question: Is this cooler lunch bag

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this best insulated lunch bag

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this cheap lunch bag

Answer: No, it's made of high quality premium materials to last for many years

 Question: Is this office lunch bags for men

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this lunchbag

Answer: Yes, cooler lunch bag

 Question: Is this thermal lunch bag

Answer: Yes

 Is this extra large cooler bag for sale

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this extra large cooler on wheels

Answer: No

 Question: Is this igloo cooler bag

Answer: No, Mojecto cooler lunch bag

 Question: Is this women's Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

Answer: Yes, we do carry cooler lunch bags for women

 Question: How to use your cooler bag

Answer: Our cooler bags come with shoulder straps

 Question: Is this backpack cooler bag

Answer: No

 Question: Is this purse lunch box

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this female lunch bags

Answer: Yes

 Question: Is this lunch bags online women

Answer: Yes