Tips on Packing your Lunch Bags and Cooler Bags

Family outings, get together with friends or an outdoor picnic needs a full pack food preparation. Keeping the food and beverages cool is important by putting it in a cooler or lunch bag. Here are some tips to make your food last longer:

  • Cleanliness comes first. Make sure your cooler is free of dirt.  Wash it with warm soapy water and let it dry. Wash your hands and food properly such as fruit and vegetables to keep them away from germs and bacteria.

  • Separate dish from beverages and sealed them with tight plastic containers to avoid contamination and keep the food fresh.

  • Salad is best serve cold so it’s perfect to use an ice pack to keep it cool. If it’s a long travel and a big event party you can use a large size ice pack while small to medium for simple and small lunch.

  • Pre – cool your beverages before placing them in the cooler to preserve your ice.  You must place beverages first and follow the ice since the cold air travels down. Keep your cooler away from the heat of the sun or the heat of the car because it will melt the ice faster.

  • Remember to pack perishable food directly from the refrigerator by putting them in a tight plastic bag and keep the food dry to avoid cross contamination

  • If it’s just a small gathering, you can use medium sized tote bag or an insulated lunch bag for men and women. There are varieties of size choose from and it’s very stylish to look at. You can use ice packs to help the food stay cool. Be careful not to rip the bag because the ice will melt faster and it will make the cooler heavy.

  • After you put all the food and beverages, fill the space with ice pack or ice block so you can maximize the cooler. It will make the food stay cool for long period.

  •  You can also put small bottled water in the fridge the night before the outing and place it on the side of the cooler the next morning. It will surely save you from being thirsty as well.

  • For hot or warm foods, you can wrap it with foil. Place a hot pack around and under your food then wrap it kitchen towel before placing it in a cooler.

  • To avoid spill and keep your food from moving, you can fill the space with kitchen towel.

  • Clean the cooler right after use so you will be able to remove the unpleasant smell of food.

Lunch bag or coolers are great for outdoor gateway. Keeping your food in a cooler makes it less perishable. It’s not just meant for keeping your food fresh, it’s also best to impress your love ones when it comes to food preparation and makes you look fashionable. The next time you go for a party or reunion, don’t forget to prepare your specialty food and serve them cool and yummy with your friends.

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